Wednesday, April 7, 2010

swim home, seafoam.


i am home. up there, mindanao looked at ease with herself.
i wanted to avoid the crowd hence i decided not to go home for the Holy Week.
and mindanao did not disappoint, i was greeted by a rainbow the moment i get off from the plane. maybe telling me i will always be her daughter no matter where i decide to leave my suitcase behind.

i wore this shirt because i was my lolo's (grandfather) pet. and going home will always remind me of him. i never learned any game as a child because i was always trying to be near him all the time. i didn't get to go very far in this outfit though. my mother thought my shorts were tooooo tight. yes, i AM definitely home. :()

shirt: bench
shorts: my sister's
headband and bracelet: my sister's creations ;()