Tuesday, February 15, 2011

pensandlens x jeffrey campbell.

my obsession with shoes started early when i knew in my heart of hearts hot pink shoes would look better with my 1st grade uniform. i remember my schoolteacher telling me to get a new pair - preferably black ones, almost everyday. i tricked her into believing my grandmother could not afford a new pair of shoes. i also knew at a very early age that i could lie without batting my eyelashes, sell my soul to the devil or be extremely, sickeningly nice to my siblings - all for a pair of shoes.

when i started blogging, i figured i was not the only one.
some girls had their shoes over their hoes.
some girls stopped eating.
some girls had double/triple jobs.
all for a new pair of shoes.

i am also ALL that and more.
and it was no surprise when the fabulous sweet of pensandlens didn't need to push me so hard to enter her jeffrey campbell shoes giveaway. so tell her your cinderella story by clicking here.

poem by erica mann jong (ode to my shoes)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

and there are hearts all over the world tonight...

hearts in a jar!

i'm not the biggest fan of Vday. in fact, i abhor going out on this day. i am never the wine-dine kinda girl. i prefer spur-of-the-moment dates over well-planned ones. and a sea  of cupids, hearts and roses make me dizzy. seriously.
my friend, ciara, who makes the best cupcakes invited me to go with her to this amaaazing place - caro and marie. now, i am not THE most domesticated girl in the world but i ooohhed and aahhed over the magical things i do not even know the names of. i found myself sniffing and touching each and every single item. thats one thing good about having friends - they kinda push you to enjoy the things you dont normally like. 
i wore this to work last friday. i am soo having a wardrobe dilemma these days. it's kinda hard when you only have three colors to choose from - white, black and grey. not that IM the biggest fan of colors, too. technically, theyre not even colors! but yeah, it could get really boring. got this top and pants from one of alexa and i's ukay expeditions. if it were just me, i wouldnt be buying these. not even take a second look at them but i trust lex's taste in clothes. completely different from my own but like a real friend, she pushes me to my limits, too. on a different note, i also have started wearing these rings from f21 and accesorize together on the same finger. i have the tiniest fingers and in as much as i would want to wear 5 or more rings at once - i just cant. oh, the simple joys! 

so, yeah, HAPPY HEARTS DAY, y'all!

Friday, February 11, 2011

gastronomic delight...

grilled koi, anyone?

all i need in this world of sin - PEACE and nasi goreng.

yum yum!

jati's survival kit - food, food and more food, BB, GPS and tea.


hafta learn how to make this. anyone?

he left us while we were checking some of the factory outlets and we found him under the tree eating. this boy eats like 10 times a day.

ubi everything at this cute restaurant.

my heart breaks everytime i think how everything here tastes.
found myself googling for ingredients and recipes.
terima kasih aldo and jati for showing me around and for forcing me to taste this and that.
i know i can be very picky when it comes to food.
so, who can teach me how to make nasi goreng? ^^ 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

walking the dog.

wanted to buy this peacock so i dont get bored, offered my millions but the man refused to give in. maybe he was thinking i'd fry this thing and turn its feathers into a fabulous cape.
not a bad idea though. not a bbbaaad idea.

shirt worn as a dress - TOPMAN, belt - MNG, scarf - promod, bag - thrifted

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the baby-sitter's club.

for two sunday nights now, my housemates, the raingurl and i flock to a nearby coffeeshop NOT for their coffee but for their breakfast meal and free WIFI. apparently, this is the best way for our laptops to bond. the kids, who like not being talked to in the first place, love the silence and show me all the INS and OUTS in the worldwideweb for the young. it seems i have a lot of catching up to do.
one of my babysitter duties though is to make sure they're in bed by 12. boo. sometimes its nice to be a grown-up. OFF to bed now, kiddos!

white top - MANGO, denim polo - CHEROKEE, shorts - UNIQLO, shoes - mendrez, belt - LACOSTE, owl necklace from shugah

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

swedish summer.

you know how i love them swedish bloggers and how i'd sell my soul just to get a glimpse of THE elin kling's closet so just imagine my delight when i saw topshop's SS2011 campaign aptly called - SWEDISH SUMMER. and after LANVIN, it's elin kling for H&M. sometimes, i do wish i were Swedish. tee hee. so do you like these looks, lovelies?

there are no my people and strangers...

i was having a very bad day at work last Tuesday when this package came for me. the lovely shugah of THE THRIFTY FASHIONISTA (she has an online shop, by the way) sent me rings and necklaces all wrapped lovingly in small pink plastic bags. i didn't have the heart to tear the wrappings hastily. i waited until all my excitement had died down before i opened each pack. i was a little girl on christmas day all over again and i OOOHHed and AAHHHed to each and every item. i particularly love the owls because my classmate in grade school used to have a pet owl and we would always drop by their house just so i could poke the poor sleepy creature with sticks. now im not even sure which is more illegal - to poke a sleeping owl or to have a pet owl. and dont even get me started on why i love snakes around my tiny fingers and arms. that's another story.
 my day got even better when alexa decided to drop by and somehow convinced me to have a mini photoshoot with my new pets. yes, i go to work sans make-up and i don't normally brush my hair. the cute guys in our building manifest themselves after work anyway.
shugah, thank you for making a sad girl happy. i am going to make sure you'd enjoy siargao you won't ever wanna leave. and thank you lex for being there. your timing, as always, is impeccable. chos.

blazer - ZARA, tights - NEXT singapore, red knitted bracelet - DIY by my sister