Tuesday, February 1, 2011

there are no my people and strangers...

i was having a very bad day at work last Tuesday when this package came for me. the lovely shugah of THE THRIFTY FASHIONISTA (she has an online shop, by the way) sent me rings and necklaces all wrapped lovingly in small pink plastic bags. i didn't have the heart to tear the wrappings hastily. i waited until all my excitement had died down before i opened each pack. i was a little girl on christmas day all over again and i OOOHHed and AAHHHed to each and every item. i particularly love the owls because my classmate in grade school used to have a pet owl and we would always drop by their house just so i could poke the poor sleepy creature with sticks. now im not even sure which is more illegal - to poke a sleeping owl or to have a pet owl. and dont even get me started on why i love snakes around my tiny fingers and arms. that's another story.
 my day got even better when alexa decided to drop by and somehow convinced me to have a mini photoshoot with my new pets. yes, i go to work sans make-up and i don't normally brush my hair. the cute guys in our building manifest themselves after work anyway.
shugah, thank you for making a sad girl happy. i am going to make sure you'd enjoy siargao you won't ever wanna leave. and thank you lex for being there. your timing, as always, is impeccable. chos.

blazer - ZARA, tights - NEXT singapore, red knitted bracelet - DIY by my sister