Sunday, January 30, 2011

sleep all day, up all night.

i lost a person very dear to me a couple of days ago. i guess i will never get used to this kind of feeling.
no matter how many times i would have to endure the pain that goes along with it.
for a while, my world went crumbling down and i found myself beneath the debris not even wanting to move or breathe. i know you would not want me to cry but let me be weak just this once.  i miss you already and i will keep you in my heart always.

blazer - ZARA, top - TOPSHOP, shorts - UNIQLO, belt - TERRANOVA, bag - thrifted

Monday, January 24, 2011

flower power.

finally found another pair of shorts haha. friday morning was spent with alexa and the rain girl.
we scoured the streets downtown for anything cheap and fabulous.
it did not disappoint. found this colored lace blazer , this pair of high-waisted shorts and all the accesories in these pictures.
theres this shop which i believe is a secret pandora box of some sort that sells accesories at a quater of the usual price. i got myself three necklaces and some trinkets for my indonesian friends and my housemates.  i went home tired and giddy. 
 i promise to take a closer shot of our haul, the rain girl (aka my youger sister who thinks i have toooo many photos already) got lazy.
and can i say i just loooovee this blazer ^_____^
next weekend again, lex?

shorts - UNIQLO, shoes - F21, top - TOPMAN

Saturday, January 22, 2011

sweet we rock, sweet we roll.

sinulog 2011.
as always, the festivities passed by me in a blur.
i have never been a big fan of crowded streets so we opted to stay at the mall for a couple of hours before finally deciding to brave the flow of people who mostly don't really know where to go.
sometimes, it's not nice to be a small person.

everyone, meet my go-to shirt, my go-to shoes, my go-to bag and you have all met my go-to girl.

harley davidson shirt, bimbimhaus shorts, DIY feather headdress

Friday, January 21, 2011

topshop love.

the other thing i love about january other than sinulog is TOPSHOP bringing out the SALE sign.
i am weak, topshop. very weak.
i was too happy alexa was not there that day.
she who makes me repent over every single item i got from that store.
she who went mad when F21 was on SALE.
i sooo can justify this buy, lex.
it goes with everything i own.
i know, i know i should give these shorts some rest. ^^

see ya tomorrow, love.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the seven things...

i am home. again. home meaning MINDANAO. the second time this month.
will be in cebu again on Thursday though which kinda saddens me because it's just sooo nice to be home - to be pampered. to have food all the time which in effect makes me lose weight because i don't get hungry when i know i do not need to go to the mall to buy food. i will miss my mom and my little nephews.
i spent the whole day cross-checking memories with my siblings and cousins and brainwashing the little ones into believing their aunt is an actress in cebu. so, yeah.

alexa gave me this award because she didn't have a choice. haha thanks, lex. you know i love you.

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
3. Give your application and award on to 7 other bloggers and let them know.

I'm passing this award to:

aisa because she's one of the 1st bloggers outside cebu who i stalked to death (and i got a chance to meet her last december and shes the sweetest)
dane (ive said this before, shes my guyfriends' multiply crush, she was spanishfly and them boys would use my account to check her photos. and shes the reason why i started blogging. please dont get weirded out, dane ^^)
gillian (because she always looks so mabango and shes the only one i know who could pull off long floral skirts any given day)
philip (because he makes the best DIY projects and he made these shorts i am soooo in love with and please do like BIMBIM haus on FB and check out what he will be up to next)
gizelle because i want her connector ring
toni because i just die everytime i see her with those shoes
sweet because shes fierce and so adorable
shugah because shes the sweetest
and dred because i love love the photos on her blog and i wish she would update more often.

i just can't choose 7. i just can't. ^^

seven things about me:

1. i love turbans and headdresses and anything one puts on her/his head. my mom is part-maranao and i grew up admiring how the maranao women look so elegant and how they don these headdresses differently from the tausugs and maguindanaons.

2. i can be very sarcastic sometimes i dont even notice it. now i have to put the blame somewhere, right? growing up with more male cousins than girl cousins does that to you. i had to learn how to clean a gun (my uncle's), recite poems without really understanding them at an early (to entertain my lolo's chain-smoking girl friends) dodge punches, carry a joke and made sure i owned them and to cry even if it didnt really hurt just so the boys get the beating. the sarcasm came after they get the beating. again, i had to put the blame somewhere.

3. i have never liked dolls. i remember my mom knitted a dress for this barbie on my 10th birthday. a red skimpy dress. what was she thinking? maybe she got lazy.

4. i can be very chatty then be very frosty the next.

5. i have really great friends in every part of the world who send me bikinis and get surprise when they see me wearing something else other than beachwear. and no, i am not complaining, friends. lest you decide to stop the boxes from coming.

6. i have made myself believe i am a very lucky girl. or maybe i have willed the universe into giving me what i really really deem important. and because of this, i have learned to choose my wishes well. so far, cebu pacific and all the shipping lines are reaping the benefits.

7. i do not know how to run properly. if there is such a thing. that's on top of me not knowing a single sport. i am lampa like that. i passed all my PE classes in uni by NOT wearing the required jogging pants.

so there. the seven random things about me. and i wanna say thank you to all my wonderful readers who leave lovely comments here. thank you for always making my day, guys.

turban - SM department store, stole from a friend, printed top - thrifted, shorts - bimbim haus

Friday, January 14, 2011



 i grew up watching my own mother wear velvet pants and leopard-print everything with red lips and red nails. i thought she was the most beautiful thing on earth. she looked out of place in this small island where people dress like, well, islanders. whatever that means. we used to poke fun of her but deep inside i knew she was fasyon. she still is. mom, when you finally discover the power of googling and find this blog, this is for you and it's actually your fault why i dress funny. i love you. ^^

blazer - alba moda creazoni, white top - G2000, bandeau - forever 21 (from alexa, thanks lex! ^^) bag - lesportsac, shoes - mom's

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

peace, love and rocknroll!

saturday night- out with alexa.
tacos at MAYA. brownie cup at la marea.
my favorite shorts from  philip of bimbim haus.
steady and fun. as always.

shorts - bimbim haus, top - thrifted, shoes - SO FAB, necklace - MALDITA and SM

Sunday, January 9, 2011

hey you always on the run...

i have not been feeling too well but i'd spare you of my usual 'i am soooo sick' harangue simply because almost everyone is feeling a little under the weather these days!
so ill be counting my blessings yet again to start the year right and to keep me on track ^^
alexa and i had lunch yesterday and she had me make a TO DO LIST for this year.
there is seriously mental about this girl and lists. believe me.
we talked about relationships and the lack thereof, cellulites, music videos, facehunter, indonesia, shoes,
instant-rich schemes, her first ever Sinulog festival (she's cebuana) and God-knows-what-else for NINE hours. nonstop. i only have a verrry vague memory of what we had for lunch and dinner.
and this blogger guy stopped alexa and took a photo of what she was wearing. LAYSSSH! i wanted to steal his shoes though.
  i went home with a new pair of shoes, 12 clothes hangers and a frog's voice. she, on the other hand, went home with a dozen hangers and two feather dusters. dont ask me why. we decided we HAD a very productive day. ^^
thank you for the goodies, lex and i hope you enjoyed munching on the peanuts.

take care, everyone! don't get sick  it's almost Sinulog! ^^

what i wore: shoes and hat - forever 21 (thanks again, T!) bag - sonia rykiel (my new fave bag. it's spacious it could carry a laptop and other trinkets) pants - topshop, white top - mango, vest - thrifted, bikini top - SM, headband worn as a necklace - accesorize

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 part 1.

2010 .
i made a promise to myself and to a friend that i would make it my best year ever.
i travelled. i made friends. i have learned to not look back and to not regret anything.
i said YES to just about anything.
i doved headfirst.
i dreamed.
i smiled more often and spoke my mind.
i learned to not apologize for things other people dont like in me.
i promised to not be a pushover and to be kinder.
i danced.
and hopped and jumped but never learned how to swim ^^.
i dared.
i lived.
and LIVE i will this year.



 chasing birds

 c h a s i n g  w a v es...

THE essentials.

ding dong.


the best way to see the sun rise.




singapore lah!

mummy, im taller than 0.9 m, i need a ticket to get in.

what REALLY goes on inside my bag.
looking for mushu.

the durrty south - alcoy and badian, cebu.

all smiles. ^^