Monday, January 24, 2011

flower power.

finally found another pair of shorts haha. friday morning was spent with alexa and the rain girl.
we scoured the streets downtown for anything cheap and fabulous.
it did not disappoint. found this colored lace blazer , this pair of high-waisted shorts and all the accesories in these pictures.
theres this shop which i believe is a secret pandora box of some sort that sells accesories at a quater of the usual price. i got myself three necklaces and some trinkets for my indonesian friends and my housemates.  i went home tired and giddy. 
 i promise to take a closer shot of our haul, the rain girl (aka my youger sister who thinks i have toooo many photos already) got lazy.
and can i say i just loooovee this blazer ^_____^
next weekend again, lex?

shorts - UNIQLO, shoes - F21, top - TOPMAN