Sunday, February 28, 2010

endless summer.

this summer i plan to:
* travel more. visit an island i have never been to before. 35 out of the 7,107 islands of the philippines is NOT much.
* buy less bikinis
* finally learn how to swim
* practice using sunblock
* talk more to people i am with
* hit the gym or at least do a couple or so sit-ups a day. i hate you, gravity
* read more
*shop less
* read the headlines
* campaign for ninoy
* smile more often
* save for the rainy day
* study harder
* try new things i have always deemed unnecessary
* cook more

not necessarily in this order, of course. i could go on and on.. there are still a lot of things i wanna do. i am cramming much. and i have realized i never do any of my new year's resolutions but tend to have a clearer idea of what i want to accomplish for the rest of the year when the sun is shining at its brightest. summer started early this year. it is already too hot here in my island and i think it is gonna be unbearable in the next few weeks.

happy sunday, everyone! and to you, my dear, POSITIVITY all the way! *mwah

Photos: at cebu beach club.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

cool like the fire.

yes, mustafa, it is too hot here in the PI for me to wear pants. and it kills me everytime i had to cut a couple of inches off a newly-purchased pair just because im too short to be wearing it as it is. and no, i won't stop wearing shirts masquerading as dresses until i get a memo from HR for violating the dress code. ;()

1. shirt / dress: mango , leggings: promod, shoes: thrifted
2. vest: thrifted, singlet: topshop, leggings: topshop, boots: promod

being mary poppins...

a very good friend once commented that she could practically find all the things she needed inside my bag. you see, my bag had always been a mystery to an erstwhile love who would find it amusing how i could fit a hodgepodge of all things i deemed important in a very small bag. we went to a trip once and i whipped out 10 quail eggs out of my bag much to the delight of his brother who was too shy to ask for food. now, lil miss sunshine, Godblesshersoul, posted on her fb that should anyone needs a fork, all they need to do is to ask me and i would definitely find one in my bag.
so, before she posts a photo of what's really going on inside my bag on a bad day, i am posting here some photos of the chaos that is my bag on better days. haha iloveyou, ja! damage control much?

so, what little secrets do you keep hidden in your purses, laydees? ;()

1. on a night out. secrets of the trade. 2 cell phones, mentos, an extra pair of earrings justincase, lipgloss, MAC eyeshadows, a mirror, VS very sexy parfum.

2. for school. a journal, a notebook, body shop nail lacquer, hello kitty USB with all the trojans in the world, post-its, nivea lip gloss, dalki pencil

3. to the beach, to the beach. my fave boy, tolkien, my phone and my coin purse.

Friday, February 19, 2010

when i grow up, i want to be a peacock...

dvo was lurve. i had been meaning to write something that would articulate how i feel about dvo. but, as always, words escaped me. even more so when i am satisfied. it has always been easier for me to write about sadness and loss and regret. but i digress. so i leave you with a few of my favorite photos. will probably be posting more. it's the weekend once again.
i am off to another island. this time, somewhere nearer.
positivity, everyone!

1. blue bracelet from rustans, gold bangle (pasalubong from thailand) LOVE necklace: accesorize
2. my new fave studded flats from parisian ;() and BLUGRE'S durian frapuccino chongkang
3. durian flavored kape from all the quaint coffeeshops of dvo. no, i did not order this corny cake, i wanted the blueberry cheesecake but the waiter gave me this. had it not been Vday, i would have shoved it down his throat for rubbing it in my face that i didn't have a date. haha
4. my eco 'iheartDVO' bag. paella from hola espanya. paul, bring your pets there.
5. yes, i wanna be a peacock.
6. flora et fauna. paradise island resort, samal.
7. you do know i love mirrors, right?
8. jack's ridge. i should seriously give this jacket a rest. it is slowly evolving into a security blanket.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

maybe clouds have feelings too..

cebu -davao -cebu.
equally stunning. equally charming.
both mesmerizing.

will post more of davao tomorrow.
happy tuesday, lovelies!

Monday, February 15, 2010

in the eyes of a child..

my guapa of a sister got this from our nephew.

bruki, i want you to know that we love you so much.
i know you are gonna do us proud one day.
and, ohyeah, stop pulling your sister's hair.

your tita witch

Friday, February 12, 2010

you are my rainy day's sunshine...

kl baninilove - half-frozen in helvetia singin 'try sleepin with a broken heart'
miss east - half-crazy in sugbu singin' 'b boy baby'

let's do this again and again and again, soulsister.
please do not tudtud my gamatiting na siki.
and no, you are not gonna call me in the middle of the night just to scream 'bulok kaw!!!'
i'm sending you all the hugs to keep you warm.
you know i love you.


Thursday, February 11, 2010


this weekend:
  • i am prolly flying north for some serious rampa with lil miss sunshine. we have our tickets but am not gonna tell you how we scored them. but then again maybe we are just gonna tear the tickets to tiny bits and pieces just because. *winks
  • if i'd be here in the city, you'd find me selling overpriced roses. location: SM - dapit sa WATSONS na dapit sa grocery, dili sa northwing. ako ang tindera. sige na go! buy ha! lovelorn, i'm not.
have a great weekend, everyone.
happy valentines day.
kung hei fat choi! so no work for me come monday! i love you, lunar calendar!

so, tell me, what's the best thing a lover has given you on valentines day?


banini love




kumusta naman kaw?




ok ra ako

miss u

cge kami ka chat ni rana dri



close gud kamo



sa march cja mobalik diha




lang.a ajaw na

ok ra an cebu na waya sija


taglang an ko bitaw

inday ton cja maski unhon pag away kay magkatawa ra



on second thought, lang a sija dayhan ako nan bonggang bongga na mga bracelet

lang.a hu


ay oo


oo sure




daghan ton sa india


malingaw ra man adto sija awayon


lang.a na for your friend vanessa


az n




oo lagi


kay bikini untana na kay maluja man sila, mag haboy man sila maligo dagat, amu na bracelets ra kan

hamok. jaon matabunan ako


lang on ko adton kagwang

hahhahahaaha kabuang sa kadlawon oi.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i love my maestra, yes i do!

Everytime I am thisclose to pulling my hair in frustration or to walking out of this cold cold building just to salvage whatever sanity is left of me, a student would pull a trick like this and all is forgiven. Ü This profession has given me more heartaches and orgasms than one could possibly handle in one lifetime. so, yeah, iloveyoutoosuze.

(suze and her drawing of me. ain't she the sweetest? Ü)