Tuesday, February 23, 2010

being mary poppins...

a very good friend once commented that she could practically find all the things she needed inside my bag. you see, my bag had always been a mystery to an erstwhile love who would find it amusing how i could fit a hodgepodge of all things i deemed important in a very small bag. we went to a trip once and i whipped out 10 quail eggs out of my bag much to the delight of his brother who was too shy to ask for food. now, lil miss sunshine, Godblesshersoul, posted on her fb that should anyone needs a fork, all they need to do is to ask me and i would definitely find one in my bag.
so, before she posts a photo of what's really going on inside my bag on a bad day, i am posting here some photos of the chaos that is my bag on better days. haha iloveyou, ja! damage control much?

so, what little secrets do you keep hidden in your purses, laydees? ;()

1. on a night out. secrets of the trade. 2 cell phones, mentos, an extra pair of earrings justincase, lipgloss, MAC eyeshadows, a mirror, VS very sexy parfum.

2. for school. a journal, a notebook, body shop nail lacquer, hello kitty USB with all the trojans in the world, post-its, nivea lip gloss, dalki pencil

3. to the beach, to the beach. my fave boy, tolkien, my phone and my coin purse.