Saturday, January 30, 2010

the cure for anything is saltwater...

--- sweat, tears, or the sea. (isak dinesen)

since my default reaction to just about anything unknown and terrifying is to flee, i packed my bags and found myself on my ISLANDintheSUN half-drunk with life and half-cloyed with it. there, i laughed my heart out, walked out of a boy's messy life for good, sunbathed to my heart's content, basked in the innocence of a child's laugh and made a mental checklist of what to do in the coming months. so, the unknown and terrifying, you wonder? a promotion and a possible heartache. i came back to the city a wee bit tanned and psychoanalyzed. much to the delight of my seatmates who i had been bugging for weeks everytime i find myself needing a hug. i CAN be needy at times.

(all i needed: innuendo swimsuit, pink havainas flip flops, M&S Twiggy ecobag, TOPSHOP biker jacket, roxy leopard print bikini bottom alovelygirlnamedKL and a sunny siargao)

i love...

kl - my rainyday sunshine. i will sorely miss you. ditch frozen helvetia, will ya? let's be happy phantoms and chase rainbows and waves and wake up in strawberry fields. iloveyou.
(she in her VS swimsuit which id have stolen a long time ago had it been in my size. and mark in a shirt that would make a happy addition to my closet.)

Friday, January 29, 2010

cause the games that you play keep driving me away...

  • siargao with banini love.
  • sinulog. too crowded or maye am just getting old.
  • new friends. lovely. loveable.
  • a promotion.
  • said goodbye to beka boy who will be known as the boywhocriedwolf from now on.
  • bought tickets for singapore come april. maybe, hello jakarta, too!
  • cried balde baldeng luha on a blue monday.
  • learned how to do those hand cherva2 of boyzone's love me for a reason. amBOREDlikethat.
  • so far, so good. Ö
(innuendo swimsuit, pink CK thingie, TOPSHOP biker jacket, thrifted rolling stones shirt, terranova grey shorts nine west bag, TOPSHOP dress CK sunglasses)