Friday, January 29, 2010

cause the games that you play keep driving me away...

  • siargao with banini love.
  • sinulog. too crowded or maye am just getting old.
  • new friends. lovely. loveable.
  • a promotion.
  • said goodbye to beka boy who will be known as the boywhocriedwolf from now on.
  • bought tickets for singapore come april. maybe, hello jakarta, too!
  • cried balde baldeng luha on a blue monday.
  • learned how to do those hand cherva2 of boyzone's love me for a reason. amBOREDlikethat.
  • so far, so good. Ö
(innuendo swimsuit, pink CK thingie, TOPSHOP biker jacket, thrifted rolling stones shirt, terranova grey shorts nine west bag, TOPSHOP dress CK sunglasses)