Saturday, January 30, 2010

the cure for anything is saltwater...

--- sweat, tears, or the sea. (isak dinesen)

since my default reaction to just about anything unknown and terrifying is to flee, i packed my bags and found myself on my ISLANDintheSUN half-drunk with life and half-cloyed with it. there, i laughed my heart out, walked out of a boy's messy life for good, sunbathed to my heart's content, basked in the innocence of a child's laugh and made a mental checklist of what to do in the coming months. so, the unknown and terrifying, you wonder? a promotion and a possible heartache. i came back to the city a wee bit tanned and psychoanalyzed. much to the delight of my seatmates who i had been bugging for weeks everytime i find myself needing a hug. i CAN be needy at times.

(all i needed: innuendo swimsuit, pink havainas flip flops, M&S Twiggy ecobag, TOPSHOP biker jacket, roxy leopard print bikini bottom alovelygirlnamedKL and a sunny siargao)