Thursday, July 29, 2010

when boredom strikes.

so, alexa was telling me how she was at SM and all her favorite stores were having what every girl's favorite 4 letter word - SALE. solde. that's just one of the things we do to entertain ourselves at work. most of the time, we send each other photos of girls' whose styles we adore, clothes we salivate over and closets we want to raid.
without telling her, poor little me, who had not set foot on a mall for the longest time (i.e. 2 weeks), decided to waste her precious 1 hour break to navigate herself into the jungle that is the mall and in 2 minutes flat fell prey to the wondrous monster known to kikays as Accesorize.
so this one's for you, lex. and maybe for o n e i l, too.
see? little things make me happy.

day 2.

the meaning behind your blogger name

* margarita is Spanish for daisy which btw, is my second name (sshhhhh..)

* i've been called 'ice' , 'cold' and 'frozen' one too many times because i do not warm up to people easily. ;()
* when out and about, my guy friends always get me frozen margaritas idonnotknowwhy
are you proud of me now, lex? hahahaha see ya!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

day 1.

a recent pic of you and 15 interesting facts about you.

1. i collect dictionaries. or, cute guys give me dictionaries. i really don't know which is which.

2. i've been to 7 different schools. my family used to move a lot when i was younger. i was always the new girl in town. this is the longest i've been in one place --- 7 years.

3. i do not eat pizza and pasta. so, ciao, cute italian boys.

4. i can copy people's accents. it is scary sometimes. i can switch from one accent to another just like that without really meaning to.

5. i have a really nice penmanship. i used to do calligraphy on a daily basis until i discovered the wonders of a computer.

6. i never learned how to ride a bike.

7. i never learned how to swim and i used to live in a very small island. how was that even possible? i will never know.

8. i wore pink and sky blue shoes in kindergarten. i 'tricked' my teacher by saying my grandma could not afford to get me black shoes.

9. i have never had a birthday cake of my own. why, mom? ;()

10. in 5 to 10 years, my friend and i will build a coffeeshop/waterhole in cloud nine. and we will be the best waitresses and pole dancers within a 100 mile radius. such ambition we have.

11. little girls hate me. they grab my hair, pinch my arms, stick their slimy tongues at me. and i do not know why.

12. but little boys adore me.

13. i cry on weddings but never on funerals.

14. i can run, sprint, hop and swing in 5-inch (and higher) heels. but, i know all my readers (all 6 of 'em) do, too.

15. peanut butter sucks. joe black was lying the whole time.

Friday, July 23, 2010

one frozen margarita DAY 05

Alexa and I are probably the world's worst bloggers. i used to stalk her on chictopia without me realizing we're officemates. it took us a little while to eventually warm up to each other until THAT fateful day when we both realized we have missed the world of self-gratification that is the blogosphere. yes, self-indulgence is never a sin when you have at least one social network account. so, we got this idea from aisa to chronicle our somewhat mundane lives for a month. everyday, we sneak out at 1630 to take photos of ourselves. we had a photographer who i eventually fired for crushing on me. kidding aside, here's hoping we'd be able to finish the 30-day challenge without us being caught sneaking to the rooftop and would eventually get used to the stares we get for wearing winter clothes in a tropical country (me) and for being simply guapa (her). I was supposed to start last Monday but being the procrastinator that i am, i busied myself with all the revamp i will doing in my little space in the world wide web. so this is DAY 05 - a picture/s of somewhere you've been to.
SINGAPORE - april 2010
i was mesmerized not by its beauty but by how singaporeans seem to have a rhythm
entirely their own. there's chaos and serenity. a juxtaposition of the ancient and the new. a mutual respect between the young and the old.
i found myself holding my dear friend's hand on our way to the airport.
we both know we have left a big chunk of ourselves somewhere in IONcity.
looking at these pictures still give me the goosebumps.
I have missed you, chinese. i will see you soon.
♥ miss east

Thursday, July 22, 2010

a material girl (part 1)

it's gonna be my bday soon! yay!
and being the material girl that i am, i am doing my annual
bday wishlist for my friends' sake.
sir, if you're reading this, i was not kidding when i said i want the balenciagas in all colors.
and yes, i would wear these booties until they become so smelly.
libre mangarap. haha
1st photo: the B-bags. (caroline's mode)
2nd photo: house of harlow maddie booties
3rd photo: (cherryblossomgirl)

i want my summer back!

the crazy weather is getting into me and it's doing a big strain to my
wardrobe choices. i go to work at 5am in leatherrrr, grab a bite at 2pm
only to be greeted by the sweltering heat. yes, i hate the heat more
than i loathe the stares i get.
annnddd im giddy for this little project guapa alexa and i are doing.
yes, IT PARK gods, we are bored to death.
please ignore us.
and i am terribly terrified for a big quiz on Saturday.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


"what other people think of me is none of my business."
here's hoping all is well, dear friends.
it's a good thing i have about 5 readers.
hey, alexa! im excited na! ;()

top: mango
bikini top: topshop
turban: thrifted
bag: thrifted
shoes: keds