Wednesday, July 28, 2010

day 1.

a recent pic of you and 15 interesting facts about you.

1. i collect dictionaries. or, cute guys give me dictionaries. i really don't know which is which.

2. i've been to 7 different schools. my family used to move a lot when i was younger. i was always the new girl in town. this is the longest i've been in one place --- 7 years.

3. i do not eat pizza and pasta. so, ciao, cute italian boys.

4. i can copy people's accents. it is scary sometimes. i can switch from one accent to another just like that without really meaning to.

5. i have a really nice penmanship. i used to do calligraphy on a daily basis until i discovered the wonders of a computer.

6. i never learned how to ride a bike.

7. i never learned how to swim and i used to live in a very small island. how was that even possible? i will never know.

8. i wore pink and sky blue shoes in kindergarten. i 'tricked' my teacher by saying my grandma could not afford to get me black shoes.

9. i have never had a birthday cake of my own. why, mom? ;()

10. in 5 to 10 years, my friend and i will build a coffeeshop/waterhole in cloud nine. and we will be the best waitresses and pole dancers within a 100 mile radius. such ambition we have.

11. little girls hate me. they grab my hair, pinch my arms, stick their slimy tongues at me. and i do not know why.

12. but little boys adore me.

13. i cry on weddings but never on funerals.

14. i can run, sprint, hop and swing in 5-inch (and higher) heels. but, i know all my readers (all 6 of 'em) do, too.

15. peanut butter sucks. joe black was lying the whole time.