Sunday, October 31, 2010

1 more week...

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and i'll be in sunny / rainy siargao.
i do think i deserve a break. teehee
sorround myself with good food, just enough alcohol to make me giddy, the sun on my nose and the smell of the ocean breeze. and lets not even get started with the surfers errr surf.
lex, wanna go with me?

saturday night, i ditched all the halloween parties for a night with my HS bff.
i thought a sauna, a bodyscrub and a hairt treatment would somehow rejuvenate tired old me.
i woke up even more sick today.
this must how bilbo baggins felt when he told frodo he was feeling thin inside. like he had been stretching himself too thin.
but, i digress. yes, i talk about dwarves and hobbits and peter pan when im sick.
what i hate more than being sick IS whining about being sick which is inevitable when i am sick.
so ill stop and count my blessings instead: ^^

i bought two pairs of shoes last night. yay!
a steve madden wedges and my new killer shoes.
but i died when i saw kookie's new babies! arrggh!
and yeah! i got a tattoo last week. ♥
and this bow ring from KL which kinda resembles mickey mouse. eerrr.
these bangles and bracelet just about dress up everything. thanks, tine. ^^
and to anne's wonderful family who practically adopted me in High School for eating all their bananas.
i will do my bestest to be the best fairy godmother to trey. so, help me, God.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

mommy shorts.

probably THE hardest thing to wear in my closet. mommy shorts could either make yourarse look sooooo big it could rival jLo's or soooo flat. either way, it's hideous. how did those mommies get away with these in the 80s?
headband - topshop, top - promod, shorts - thrifted , DIY

Friday, October 22, 2010


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my 100th post. haha who would have thought i'd eventually get to 100.
this blog started when i really had nothing better to do. when i got a part-time job on top of my full-time job and school every saturday, i got really lazy. well until alexa came and the rest is history. it's fun having someone who dreams the same dreams as you. someone who eats, breathes and lives fashion. we hated/loved these fasyon girls to our hearts desires. oh the names we call them are just too much. yeah, even for me. i found a soul who would not find me weird for wearing leather.
so, this post is for you, lex, and your perfect eyebrows.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This Month I will...

So i skipped Day 06 and 07, lex. i am thisclose to putting my own name and pictures under "A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you" and "Favorite superhero and why". please don't ask me why. so Day 08, shall we?

Day 08: Short term goals for this month and why.

Finish the papers due this week. i know i aced my Finals. i had to. i slept halfway through my midterms and i cannot NOT enroll next sem. i am getting a new toy from the padre on Christmas. all i need to do is finish my masters. a little bird (aka my mother) told me so. great great motivation i must say.

drag myself to bed as early as possible. my left eye is beginning to hurt. and i reckon its from not getting enough shuteye these days. i am not insomniac. never has been. i just have soooo many things to do these past few months. twenty hours is just not enough.

save up for my trip early next month. i badly need this trip. but then again, i always find a way to justify every single centavo i spend. be it on food, shoes or travel. i am smart likethat.

be a better sister to my little sister.

finish this 30-day challenge that lex and i started in july. aisa, if youre reading this, you have to finish yours, too! haha

what i wore yesterday:

a top i got from last saturday's OPERATION THE DRESS for PREVIEW'S 15th anniversary party. ive only realized that i bought 2 tops and three dresses in less than 3 hours. damn. my selective conscience ALEXA was a great help though. i could have doubled or tripled these easily had i done the shopping alone. and the two most over-worn items in my closet - promod leather pants and AMISU leather jacket from KL. i now know where my obsession for anything leather started. but that's another story.

happy wednesday, lovelies!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hey, crush...

i will marry you in a heartbeat. i've said that a thousand of times years ago in front of the TV.
you were the only reason my sister and i watched 5 and up. ha ha
atom araullo. photos swiped from here.

cause i ain't no hollaback girl.

lex and i went to the Preview Crystal Anniversary last saturday night at The Penthouse. the horror we had to go through to find a dress to wear was far more exciting than the party itself.
The party was fantabulous, don't get me wrong. i could get use to it. what with the overflowing alcohol and the fabulous people in even more fabulous frocks - i was a happy camper. the pains of findind THE dress 6 hours before the party was something i wouldn't wanna be doing anytime soon. i found myself crying in the shower in frustration. twas a loooong day and im a drama queen through and through.
so the dress you may ask. lex found this sparkly lil number AFTER i have bought two other dresses. i couldn't make up my mind. the look on alexa's face was classic when i told her i wanted to go as mary kate olsen circa 2006. unkempt hair ha ha i still think i should have gone as MK, lex. the dress could have killed THE liz uy's.

will be posting photos soon. but for now, you may go here and look who's alexa's new BFF now! THE pauline suaco juan. nicest. lex died.

happy tuesday, lovelies! i still have two more papers due this week before the sem ends. send happy thoughts my way. pretty please! mwah. ^^

Thursday, October 14, 2010

baby steps, baby, baby steps...

good things are coming my way.
and i am too giddy to even tell.
i am crossing my fingers all things will go as planned - or unplanned.
gizelle, your message made my day. ^^
on another note, i am in love with my stabilo shoes.
yes. i am naming these babies stabilo. they highlight just about everything.
bow ring - gifted from KL, scarf-thrifted

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i carry your heart with me...

julie: teacher, whhhhy you wear red lipstick?
v: do you miss my pink lipstick?
julie: yes. you look scary with red lipstick!
v: fine.

brooch, gifted from KL, pin-stripe blazer - marks and spencer

Monday, October 11, 2010

i love...

  • blazers, scarves and fishtail braids
  • mirrors. 'nuff said.
  • geek glasses.
  • friends - beautiful friends (inside-out)
  • short shorts because im short.
  • the unpredictable weather.
i count my blessings before going to bed. makes life a wee bit more bearable.

christmas came early...

YAY for friends who made me thank all my lucky stars!
lex brought me these earrings too pretty i haven't even worn them yet.
she gave them to me last monday. that is a feat for someone like me who wears new things RIGHT AWAY. yes, ME who breaks in newly-purchased shoes the moment i get my hands on them by parading them inside the mall. i do not care if i go home with blisters.
and my babe, KL, just got back from helvetica and the things inside the paper bag she gave me made me squeal with delight! thank you, babe, for foreseeing that i DO need another biker jacket. here. in the philippines. i love you.
annnnnd i finally found a pair of neon yellow shoes. ahlavet in all it's blinding glory.
yes, gorgeous miss holm, shoes over men. anytime. ^^
happy monday, lovelies!

Friday, October 8, 2010

You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop, Snoogums-Boogums..

my friend, ciara, makes the best cupcakes in town.
and i'm not saying this because i get a lifetime supply of apple cinnamon, coffee, choco, banana choco chip, red velvet, cookies and cream cupcakes.
and also not because she is sitting right next to me and could easily swat me if i say otherwise.
her cupcakes had gone a long way from the puto-like cupcakes she forced-fed us in her first attempt to how they are now -- mouth-watering.
and that's coming from an erstwhile cupcake hater me.
but, then again, my girls can practically convince me to eat just about anything.
first, twas sam gyup sal, then eating breakfast food in the wee hours of the evening...
that explains the unwanted pounds i have gained in the past few months.
the moment these girls convince me to devour a whole slice of pizza, i am ending the friendship.

so ciar, what's the difference between a cupcake and a muffin again? ;()
if you are in cebu, you may reach her at 09277193333.
for serious bidders ONLY.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

i'm a kitty, hear me roar.

pardon the brows, lex. it was too humid, i didn't put on make up.

we were just too blond that we didn't realize the OTHER side of the building has a better view.
and the things that you find lying around like this envelope is just classic.
oh, i'm wearing your dress, too! haha
wear those boots on your first day, ok?

next tights, moda alba collezione blazer