Monday, October 11, 2010

christmas came early...

YAY for friends who made me thank all my lucky stars!
lex brought me these earrings too pretty i haven't even worn them yet.
she gave them to me last monday. that is a feat for someone like me who wears new things RIGHT AWAY. yes, ME who breaks in newly-purchased shoes the moment i get my hands on them by parading them inside the mall. i do not care if i go home with blisters.
and my babe, KL, just got back from helvetica and the things inside the paper bag she gave me made me squeal with delight! thank you, babe, for foreseeing that i DO need another biker jacket. here. in the philippines. i love you.
annnnnd i finally found a pair of neon yellow shoes. ahlavet in all it's blinding glory.
yes, gorgeous miss holm, shoes over men. anytime. ^^
happy monday, lovelies!