Tuesday, October 19, 2010

cause i ain't no hollaback girl.

lex and i went to the Preview Crystal Anniversary last saturday night at The Penthouse. the horror we had to go through to find a dress to wear was far more exciting than the party itself.
The party was fantabulous, don't get me wrong. i could get use to it. what with the overflowing alcohol and the fabulous people in even more fabulous frocks - i was a happy camper. the pains of findind THE dress 6 hours before the party was something i wouldn't wanna be doing anytime soon. i found myself crying in the shower in frustration. twas a loooong day and im a drama queen through and through.
so the dress you may ask. lex found this sparkly lil number AFTER i have bought two other dresses. i couldn't make up my mind. the look on alexa's face was classic when i told her i wanted to go as mary kate olsen circa 2006. unkempt hair et.al. ha ha i still think i should have gone as MK, lex. the dress could have killed THE liz uy's.

will be posting photos soon. but for now, you may go here and look who's alexa's new BFF now! THE pauline suaco juan. nicest. lex died.

happy tuesday, lovelies! i still have two more papers due this week before the sem ends. send happy thoughts my way. pretty please! mwah. ^^