Tuesday, August 31, 2010


i hate being sick.

i hate being cranky when i'm sick .

i succumb to retail theraphy very easily when i'm sick.

i have no willpower at all to resist temptation when i'm sick.

i spent the money i had for a masahe for this scarf.
i figured i need a trusty scarf when i'm THIS sick.

and i talk in loop when i'm sick.

thank you for the make-up brushes, lex.
and thank you aisa and the random.org gods for letting lex won.
topshop jacket, topman shirt, accesorize scarf, MNG ring

Sunday, August 29, 2010

friends, wine and WIFI

you know you are getting older when you don't wanna be the one to open the bottle of wine.
you know YOU are getting older when the first thing you ask when you get to any resort, resto or a MCDiddy is 'Naa moy WIFI?'
You know you are getting older when friends lure you to their first-born's christening just so they could extort you.
you know YOU are getting older when no matter how fantabulous the place may be, you still find yourself getting as much shuteye as you can possibly squeeze in between drinks.
and YOU are getting older when you start to cover up.. even just a little bit.

i have missed you, kid, jake and annie.
here's to more years of bikinis, wine and WIFI.

Friday, August 27, 2010

kid vs kat

my brother's baby was here for the weekend.
he's the cutest.
he sports a mohawk and works the dancefloor like no other.
i am in love.
and yes, i am biased likethat.
cotton on annie skirt, promod white top, lancome l'absolu rouge lipstick

Sunday, August 22, 2010

backstreet's back, awright!

i grew up singing backstreet boys hits so i could not let this shirt pass even if it's a couple of sizes larger for me and even if i had to haggle for a good thirty minutes because i didn't wanna
pay an arm and a leg for a vintage nick carter.
first rule in thrifting? never ever show you ARE very interested.
oh, well.
i wore this to work a couple of weeks ago and was told to not forget to put my pants on.
yeah, i will remember that.
topshop jacket, MNG belt, thrifted shirt, Topshop tights

hello, strangers...

the 30-day challenge has turned into a 30-week challenge. i know, i know.
i started this blog without really telling anyone.
only my friend's 13-year old daughter knew about this.
there were things she put in her blog that i never told her mom about.
and she in return, kept quiet about my daily ramblings.
this was our 'dirty' lil secret.
she has never left any trace of her online existence here but i always get a smile
and a 'tita, can i borrow that skirt/top/blazer you were wearing in your last post?'
that was enough for me.
i was never the type who kept diaries but i have the most gorgeous journals which i turn into mini photo albums.
i used to write short stories for my high school and university papers which were a bit autobiographical. that was escape enough for me.
now, i am not sure what is keeping me from doing this challenge.
maybe because i am not really comfortable thinking that total strangers are actually reading every mundane detail that i deem necessary.
but who am i kidding? i am a stranger, too, who sticks her nose at other people's business.
people who are every bit like me yet very distinct and different at the same time.
it has been a great ride. and yes, i think i am ready for a different kind of thrill.
the internet has been very adulterated but i can only see the good in everyone who has put their hearts and soul with their eyes half-closed in their little corners in the worldwideweb.
so, here's to the wonderful world of strangers whose lives i have followed and stalked to no end. i have devoured their joys and sorrows like they were my own.
lex, this is for you. and thanks for telling me why im famous in malaysia.
to bianca2x, you started it all, love.
to spanishfly who is my guyfriends' internet crush for the longest time..
aisa for being our honorary ate ;()
yapi, i was starstruck when i saw you and harry at the cinemas, i didn't get to say HI.
kookie and her deadly platforms for being ferosh..
to leah who inspires me to no end..

and to all the rumis and karlas and bryanboys of the world.

yes, there is no modesty in blogging (-theshowmanship) yet i have been humbled by all of those who continue to inspire and entertain me. ;p

Thursday, August 19, 2010

eat, pray, love.

i wish i could pray and love the way i devour food.
will be hitting the gym REALLY soon.
wait, i've been saying that for the last 2 years.

terranova scarf, topshop bomber jacket, topshop white top, accesorize earrings, miley x azria liquid leggings

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i'll make you banana pancakes.

i have found a new bestfriend.
my computer's logitech camera.
very dependable and handy for quick outfit posts.
i hope the 'boyfriend' won't forget to bring the camera today. right, lex?
good morning, TMC. see ya later tonight. ;()
topshop tights, Promod polo, matthews (CMG) shoes, thrifted blazer and shorts

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

lipstick jungle.

yay for friends who are bored enough to get me things when they're travelling.
thank you so much melissa for the lovely skirts and knickers.
i promise i'll take better photos of my loot, lex! ^^
cotton on aztec print annie skirt, kamiseta top, jacket from an old boy

day 04: a habit you wish you didn't have.

i always tell people who bother to listen to my mundane whininings that i never get addicted to anything. i get over things easily. probaby because i have gotten so used to moving from one place to another that i have learned how not to dwell on the smallest things.
BUT, i procrastinate like hell. i have all these notebooks and journals where i write all my short and long term plans. i love ticking things off the list. but i seriously don't get too far. i get really giddy and excited with just about anything i plan to put my heart and soul in but i very rarely see the end of them. i don't even get to the climax sometimes. because of this, my friends at work dubbed me as THE glass snake. simply because i tend to love the chase more than the end-result. oh, well. lex and i are supposed to do this 30-day challenge together but im still in day 4 and she's almost done. haha baby steps, baby. baby steps...

Cherokee denim shirt, HerBench white pants, Topshop bikini, Charles and Keith belt, pink shoes from Linea Italia

Friday, August 13, 2010




Who needs sleep when we've got love?

lex, save me.
i am bored to death.

stop going to the mall, will ya?
you're doing great damage to my wallet and my sanity. haha
good morning, lex!

mango cuff, accesorize bando and earrings, anna sui lip rouge V

Thursday, August 12, 2010

in limbo.

i think i'm going bonkers.
i'm extremely sad.
little things make me cry.
these photos made me cry.
the genius that is scott schumann, he never fails to amaze me.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ask and you shall receive.

an intellectual exchange between c-katt (aka miss east) and c-lex (aka
IamAlexa) on a Blue Monday:
c-katt: (without realizing c-lex is right behind her) waahhh i just got a text from michael c_____o!
c-lex: (ran back to her cubee to reply) waaahhhh i thought you got a text from michael antonio!
that was classic, lex! hahahaaha
so dear, dear shoe gods! hear our heart's prayers.
we need new shoes.
we promise we will whore them so bad.
alexa, wants these LEXA (see? it's been made for her!) shoes in black
and me wants them in red just because.
we want them. we want them so bad.

Day 03- A picture of you and your friend.

ok, so i'm still on DAY 3, lex. haha
i've been too busy i don't even wanna talk about it. ;()
so, yeah.. a photo of me and my friend(s).
that's KL. a kindred soul. we both share the thirst to explore new places.
we never talked when we in High School.
until we discovered each other on Friendster and realized we're
our batch's outcasts. we posted photos of ourselves which
were too self-indulgent for them Catholic school girls whatever. ;()
but, yeah, whatever.
we have both decided that siargao will always be our island in the sun.
there, we learned how to flirt voraciously (ok, mom.. i hope you're not reading this
but i'll edit if you ask me nicely mwah), we learned how to get away
with just about anything by our sheer charm (or the lack thereof).
we gained good friends, and i understood what i really need in life, not necessarily
what i want. we had great habal2 rides but we never learned how to surf and swim.
we found ourselves but we never lost each other along the way.
but we almost lost all our hard-earned coins and bikinis by playing tong-its every night.
poker bored us to death. i could probably go on and on... just come home soon, baninilove.
i have missed you.