Tuesday, August 17, 2010

day 04: a habit you wish you didn't have.

i always tell people who bother to listen to my mundane whininings that i never get addicted to anything. i get over things easily. probaby because i have gotten so used to moving from one place to another that i have learned how not to dwell on the smallest things.
BUT, i procrastinate like hell. i have all these notebooks and journals where i write all my short and long term plans. i love ticking things off the list. but i seriously don't get too far. i get really giddy and excited with just about anything i plan to put my heart and soul in but i very rarely see the end of them. i don't even get to the climax sometimes. because of this, my friends at work dubbed me as THE glass snake. simply because i tend to love the chase more than the end-result. oh, well. lex and i are supposed to do this 30-day challenge together but im still in day 4 and she's almost done. haha baby steps, baby. baby steps...

Cherokee denim shirt, HerBench white pants, Topshop bikini, Charles and Keith belt, pink shoes from Linea Italia