Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ask and you shall receive.

an intellectual exchange between c-katt (aka miss east) and c-lex (aka
IamAlexa) on a Blue Monday:
c-katt: (without realizing c-lex is right behind her) waahhh i just got a text from michael c_____o!
c-lex: (ran back to her cubee to reply) waaahhhh i thought you got a text from michael antonio!
that was classic, lex! hahahaaha
so dear, dear shoe gods! hear our heart's prayers.
we need new shoes.
we promise we will whore them so bad.
alexa, wants these LEXA (see? it's been made for her!) shoes in black
and me wants them in red just because.
we want them. we want them so bad.