Sunday, August 22, 2010

hello, strangers...

the 30-day challenge has turned into a 30-week challenge. i know, i know.
i started this blog without really telling anyone.
only my friend's 13-year old daughter knew about this.
there were things she put in her blog that i never told her mom about.
and she in return, kept quiet about my daily ramblings.
this was our 'dirty' lil secret.
she has never left any trace of her online existence here but i always get a smile
and a 'tita, can i borrow that skirt/top/blazer you were wearing in your last post?'
that was enough for me.
i was never the type who kept diaries but i have the most gorgeous journals which i turn into mini photo albums.
i used to write short stories for my high school and university papers which were a bit autobiographical. that was escape enough for me.
now, i am not sure what is keeping me from doing this challenge.
maybe because i am not really comfortable thinking that total strangers are actually reading every mundane detail that i deem necessary.
but who am i kidding? i am a stranger, too, who sticks her nose at other people's business.
people who are every bit like me yet very distinct and different at the same time.
it has been a great ride. and yes, i think i am ready for a different kind of thrill.
the internet has been very adulterated but i can only see the good in everyone who has put their hearts and soul with their eyes half-closed in their little corners in the worldwideweb.
so, here's to the wonderful world of strangers whose lives i have followed and stalked to no end. i have devoured their joys and sorrows like they were my own.
lex, this is for you. and thanks for telling me why im famous in malaysia.
to bianca2x, you started it all, love.
to spanishfly who is my guyfriends' internet crush for the longest time..
aisa for being our honorary ate ;()
yapi, i was starstruck when i saw you and harry at the cinemas, i didn't get to say HI.
kookie and her deadly platforms for being ferosh..
to leah who inspires me to no end..

and to all the rumis and karlas and bryanboys of the world.

yes, there is no modesty in blogging (-theshowmanship) yet i have been humbled by all of those who continue to inspire and entertain me. ;p