Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 03- A picture of you and your friend.

ok, so i'm still on DAY 3, lex. haha
i've been too busy i don't even wanna talk about it. ;()
so, yeah.. a photo of me and my friend(s).
that's KL. a kindred soul. we both share the thirst to explore new places.
we never talked when we in High School.
until we discovered each other on Friendster and realized we're
our batch's outcasts. we posted photos of ourselves which
were too self-indulgent for them Catholic school girls whatever. ;()
but, yeah, whatever.
we have both decided that siargao will always be our island in the sun.
there, we learned how to flirt voraciously (ok, mom.. i hope you're not reading this
but i'll edit if you ask me nicely mwah), we learned how to get away
with just about anything by our sheer charm (or the lack thereof).
we gained good friends, and i understood what i really need in life, not necessarily
what i want. we had great habal2 rides but we never learned how to surf and swim.
we found ourselves but we never lost each other along the way.
but we almost lost all our hard-earned coins and bikinis by playing tong-its every night.
poker bored us to death. i could probably go on and on... just come home soon, baninilove.
i have missed you.