Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This Month I will...

So i skipped Day 06 and 07, lex. i am thisclose to putting my own name and pictures under "A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you" and "Favorite superhero and why". please don't ask me why. so Day 08, shall we?

Day 08: Short term goals for this month and why.

Finish the papers due this week. i know i aced my Finals. i had to. i slept halfway through my midterms and i cannot NOT enroll next sem. i am getting a new toy from the padre on Christmas. all i need to do is finish my masters. a little bird (aka my mother) told me so. great great motivation i must say.

drag myself to bed as early as possible. my left eye is beginning to hurt. and i reckon its from not getting enough shuteye these days. i am not insomniac. never has been. i just have soooo many things to do these past few months. twenty hours is just not enough.

save up for my trip early next month. i badly need this trip. but then again, i always find a way to justify every single centavo i spend. be it on food, shoes or travel. i am smart likethat.

be a better sister to my little sister.

finish this 30-day challenge that lex and i started in july. aisa, if youre reading this, you have to finish yours, too! haha

what i wore yesterday:

a top i got from last saturday's OPERATION THE DRESS for PREVIEW'S 15th anniversary party. ive only realized that i bought 2 tops and three dresses in less than 3 hours. damn. my selective conscience ALEXA was a great help though. i could have doubled or tripled these easily had i done the shopping alone. and the two most over-worn items in my closet - promod leather pants and AMISU leather jacket from KL. i now know where my obsession for anything leather started. but that's another story.

happy wednesday, lovelies!