Sunday, October 31, 2010

1 more week...

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and i'll be in sunny / rainy siargao.
i do think i deserve a break. teehee
sorround myself with good food, just enough alcohol to make me giddy, the sun on my nose and the smell of the ocean breeze. and lets not even get started with the surfers errr surf.
lex, wanna go with me?

saturday night, i ditched all the halloween parties for a night with my HS bff.
i thought a sauna, a bodyscrub and a hairt treatment would somehow rejuvenate tired old me.
i woke up even more sick today.
this must how bilbo baggins felt when he told frodo he was feeling thin inside. like he had been stretching himself too thin.
but, i digress. yes, i talk about dwarves and hobbits and peter pan when im sick.
what i hate more than being sick IS whining about being sick which is inevitable when i am sick.
so ill stop and count my blessings instead: ^^

i bought two pairs of shoes last night. yay!
a steve madden wedges and my new killer shoes.
but i died when i saw kookie's new babies! arrggh!
and yeah! i got a tattoo last week. ♥
and this bow ring from KL which kinda resembles mickey mouse. eerrr.
these bangles and bracelet just about dress up everything. thanks, tine. ^^
and to anne's wonderful family who practically adopted me in High School for eating all their bananas.
i will do my bestest to be the best fairy godmother to trey. so, help me, God.