Friday, February 19, 2010

when i grow up, i want to be a peacock...

dvo was lurve. i had been meaning to write something that would articulate how i feel about dvo. but, as always, words escaped me. even more so when i am satisfied. it has always been easier for me to write about sadness and loss and regret. but i digress. so i leave you with a few of my favorite photos. will probably be posting more. it's the weekend once again.
i am off to another island. this time, somewhere nearer.
positivity, everyone!

1. blue bracelet from rustans, gold bangle (pasalubong from thailand) LOVE necklace: accesorize
2. my new fave studded flats from parisian ;() and BLUGRE'S durian frapuccino chongkang
3. durian flavored kape from all the quaint coffeeshops of dvo. no, i did not order this corny cake, i wanted the blueberry cheesecake but the waiter gave me this. had it not been Vday, i would have shoved it down his throat for rubbing it in my face that i didn't have a date. haha
4. my eco 'iheartDVO' bag. paella from hola espanya. paul, bring your pets there.
5. yes, i wanna be a peacock.
6. flora et fauna. paradise island resort, samal.
7. you do know i love mirrors, right?
8. jack's ridge. i should seriously give this jacket a rest. it is slowly evolving into a security blanket.