Saturday, January 1, 2011


a couple of days after Christmas, i tricked my friend into getting me a present.
i initially chose this. i have been looking for a turban since the olsen twins sported those prada goodies a couple of seasons ago. he thought he would be spending more on shipping and asked me to choose a dress or a pair of shoes instead. but i wanted the turban and told him to get me a pair of shoes AND the turban. so he spent the whole sunday afternoon wrecking havoc at zara and f21 for my turban. i was getting disillusioned and told him to just get me ANYTHING and to burn zara down for not updating their website.
he got me these blue suede shoes and a fedora from f21 instead. and this girl from work made me this turban to my delight! i love how the colors pop from my usual black outfits. the lace top im wearing is another thriftshop find. it's nice how i can wear it in so many ways.
Thank you, T for letting me bully you and S for knitting me this turban.
it was really a great way to end the year.
so, what nice presents did you get last Christmas, lovelies? ^^

top - thrifted, belt - yrys, shoes - f21, pants - promod