Sunday, January 9, 2011

hey you always on the run...

i have not been feeling too well but i'd spare you of my usual 'i am soooo sick' harangue simply because almost everyone is feeling a little under the weather these days!
so ill be counting my blessings yet again to start the year right and to keep me on track ^^
alexa and i had lunch yesterday and she had me make a TO DO LIST for this year.
there is seriously mental about this girl and lists. believe me.
we talked about relationships and the lack thereof, cellulites, music videos, facehunter, indonesia, shoes,
instant-rich schemes, her first ever Sinulog festival (she's cebuana) and God-knows-what-else for NINE hours. nonstop. i only have a verrry vague memory of what we had for lunch and dinner.
and this blogger guy stopped alexa and took a photo of what she was wearing. LAYSSSH! i wanted to steal his shoes though.
  i went home with a new pair of shoes, 12 clothes hangers and a frog's voice. she, on the other hand, went home with a dozen hangers and two feather dusters. dont ask me why. we decided we HAD a very productive day. ^^
thank you for the goodies, lex and i hope you enjoyed munching on the peanuts.

take care, everyone! don't get sick  it's almost Sinulog! ^^

what i wore: shoes and hat - forever 21 (thanks again, T!) bag - sonia rykiel (my new fave bag. it's spacious it could carry a laptop and other trinkets) pants - topshop, white top - mango, vest - thrifted, bikini top - SM, headband worn as a necklace - accesorize