Tuesday, February 15, 2011

pensandlens x jeffrey campbell.

my obsession with shoes started early when i knew in my heart of hearts hot pink shoes would look better with my 1st grade uniform. i remember my schoolteacher telling me to get a new pair - preferably black ones, almost everyday. i tricked her into believing my grandmother could not afford a new pair of shoes. i also knew at a very early age that i could lie without batting my eyelashes, sell my soul to the devil or be extremely, sickeningly nice to my siblings - all for a pair of shoes.

when i started blogging, i figured i was not the only one.
some girls had their shoes over their hoes.
some girls stopped eating.
some girls had double/triple jobs.
all for a new pair of shoes.

i am also ALL that and more.
and it was no surprise when the fabulous sweet of pensandlens didn't need to push me so hard to enter her jeffrey campbell shoes giveaway. so tell her your cinderella story by clicking here.

poem by erica mann jong (ode to my shoes)