Thursday, March 24, 2011

and the sky is soooo blue...

i wasn't kidding when i said i am scared of colors. too scared i wear all colors at once so i could go back to my blacks and greys the next day. thank God for chinese friends who insist a no-black policy on special days. i wore this on a friend's birthday and was told i should have worn red instead of salmon and pink. duh?
i bought this pleated skirt to match alexa's tangerine one. 
and to heed the Pope's call for abstinence this Holy month, i won't be logging in to my FB, twitter and blog for a while. too much self-promotion does harm to one's sanity, methinks. but then again, i also do this during Ramadhan. so if you've been on my FB long enough, this kind of things won't surprise you. not that it matters but i don't wanna go back here and realize nobody reads my blog anymore. so, yeah, self promotion does wonders to one's self -esteem as well. haha 
keep safe you all. and i do read your comments.
i don't reply not because i am a snob but because i am still amazed at how wonderful everyone has been. thank you for always dropping by. 


top - mango, skirt - thrifted, belt - charles and keith