Wednesday, April 20, 2011

dance the night away live your life and stay young on the floor...

my pretty sister and her mango shake teehee

i couldn't help but hum to myself JLo's lambada song whilst wearing this top my sister got for me. it was just too perfect for a night-out at radisson blu with her and my housemate, W. and say hello to my new favorite beaded arm candy i got for less than a dollar in one of my ukay trips under the bridge. 

on a serious note, i probably won't find myself frolicking under the sun this weekend. the first time in years. and it's not even making me a bit sad which is strange because i always ALWAYS find a reason to go to the beach and God-bless-my-soul, the Holy Week is an easy target. this is probably gonna do wonders to my wounded spirit and to my uber-dry surfergirl wannabe hair. but, we'll see. some summer sisters might just kinap me and take me to the beach and i don't think i'd even have second thoughts ^^. all my bikinis are packed and are just waiting for me to grab. so where are you headed this weekend, lovelies? do tell.



top - jessica, pants - promod, shoes - f21, purse - thrifted