Tuesday, November 8, 2011

but you don't lock when you're fleeing I'd like not to hear keys..

my girls. bomba starrs!

blessed are the lazy who lie on boats, for they shall inherit a suntan.

pandanon island, bohol.

aye, aye, Captain Rui!


no liempo, no island-hopping. hmmp.
because i am at my best and happiest when im out in the ocean. not knowing how to swim properly be damned. thank God for life vests and floral vests  to keep me afloat and for  friends - old and new, who share the same affinity. so we hopped to yet another banca ride along the coast of mactan and laughed our hearts out. some found  love, some found themselves, some fell off the boat, some got lost in reveries and i found the little girl in me  who never learned how to swim but loved the ocean nevertheless with all of her heart.
these friends had shown me how to toughen up everytime life throws a curveball and to just walk away. sometimes, it is really best not to fight back head on and to just count your blessings and dodge as many punches as possible. it made me less angry and more grateful. but, really, who am i to preach? ^^

bikini bottom - HandM, shorts - terranova, vest - thrifted

photos: hazel pax and the dependable BB