Wednesday, February 13, 2013

i am feline

i purr contentedly when taken care of...


i think i may have gone overboard on this look but i have to make do with just a couple of clothing items these days and I act on instinct (or impulse) instead of reason anyway and this is definitely one of those days! so this is my gata salvaje look. i was planning to wear my darker tights to make my thighs look leaner and go on for mileeees. yes, a good pair of dark tights is an often-overlooked secret to making those gams look preternaturally long. but good thing these litas are definitely living up to its full potentials -- height and comfort. i have yet to find another pair i can fall deeply in love with again. 
And i have been using ths eco-bag i got from  msfashioneggplant Sarah Tirona last BU4 for weeks now. My friend Taylor got one, too! and i can't wait for him to put this bag to good use (this is a good conversation piece, tayl. much like owning a dog the chicks can pet while strutting around eastwood. believe me. i petted one too many dogs in century 1 alone. damn those cute persian boys). 
i have been writing this blog entry for hours now.  and i guess i will never really get used to talking about my outfits. aand i will always be that person who talks a lot without really saying much. :) i miss being here though. i miss talking to myself and not be scared of how noisy and chaotic my mind can be. but maybe i should stop now before i scare all of you. thank you for dropping by, everyone. and here's hoping traffic will be hell tomorrow so people won't be tweeting about bouquets of flowers and dinners. :) keddeng.