Sunday, November 15, 2009

why i love PACMAN...

5. he has the coolest mom EVER. now you hafta uderstand that i live right across la tondena. and what greets me every morning when i brush my pearly whites? larger-than life posters orwhateveryoucall'em of dingdong, anne, and yeah, manny. and i CANNOT wait for the day they'd put up aling dionisia's (or is it mommy dionisia now?) billboard. THAT would be the day.

4. he's filthy rich. 'nuff said. (this should be reason number 1, no?)

3. i could play a mean game of PACMAN way way back when it was STILL cool to play PACMAN. what do kids play nowadays? i could never fathom. they don't even know how a pacman looks like or even a mario and a luigi... but i digress.

2. he has the cutest accent. (or was it her mom?) and you know i'm a sucker for boys with cute accents and killer abs. NOW, youknow.

1. whenever there is a pacman fight anywhere in the world, i could practically do YOGA in the streets anywhere in the PI. and i mean ANYWHERE! and people go to the mall NOT to shop but to go to the cinemas(shell out 500pesos) just to watch pacman beat some gwapo guy. yes, he LOVES to ruin them gwapo faces. whattashame.

i could go on and on... but i hafta run.. got some errands to do. and the streets are spotless. doesn't happen all the time. not even on a Good Friday. you gotta love manny. <3