Monday, December 7, 2009

i partied like it's your birthday..

it's your birthday
but i don't miss you

i miss him who told me
my skin's soft as hell
i miss him who calls his monkey unggs
him who likes thunders and lightnings
who likes the rain because he likes to cuddle
whose friends adore me
him who sang me lullabies
him who would chop me to bits and pieces then
feed me to the sharks
just because he thought i was too cute
him who paints and cleans his house
and dons white sneakers
him who would ask me what i was wearing
so he could match his to mine
him who would let me poledance and would actually
enjoy it
him who made me read between the lines and his
thoughts on Shiva
him who thought out loud i was pretty and smart and tiny
him who i wish misses me back
yes, him who made me realize i was worth it
and him who showed me all the things you didn't.

it's your birthday and i don't miss you.