Thursday, September 22, 2011

fallin for fall!

i've always believed that my favorite color was Green. But I do not own a single item in that hue!
a closer look into my chaotic closet would reveal red, orange, tangerine and rust in all possible nuances.
oh, well, the things we believe in but are not really so. 
I wore this a couple of weeks ago for a lunch date with a dear friend who taught me how to put false eyelashes.
"with steady hands and faith plus Elmer's glue, my love" HE said.

 this leather skirt i have had for a couple of years now. my cousin found this in one of the  thriftshops back home and she got this for 10 pesos. i know, i know.
and the shoes are from my dear sister and i have been in love with them since i got them. but i also say the same thing about my other pairs. 
this neon satchel bag i got from a very dear friend, gayle who is going to be F21 cebu's assistant manager. yes, im a lucky girl. ^^
so what little things do you tell yourselves, lovelies?

and thank you to you all dear readers. ^^

love and false eyelashes,

top - topshop, skirt - thrifted, shoes - gifted, bag - gayle's shop