Thursday, October 6, 2011


Photography/ Art Direction: Hannah Bacalla
Styling: Eden Villarba
Headpiece: Yves Camingue
Makeup: Maricarl-Janah

so this is one of the things i did while i was gone from the blogosphere for more than a month. and this is probably my favorite photo of myself simply because i worked with the best girls in town. i once blogged about the marvelous Janah here and Eden, well let's just say, she's one of the best surprises this year has brought me. and Hannah, who has not heard of the great Hannah Bacals as we fondly call her. contrary to popular belief, i actually do not like being photographed. such a hypocritical thing to say by someone who has more than one social networking site but yeah. :) but one just say YES when someone with Hannah's caliber  asks you to work with him/her. you just say YES and hope you deliver. i seriously had a hard time looking all forlorn and hungry. :) but i love how it turned out. a 360 degree turn from my normal photographed self.
 i had been meaning to post this for the longest time and was actually waiting for Halloween but lemme be the first to scare the living daylight out of you, lovelies! 

thank you so much, hannah. such an honor to be in front of your camera. 

oh and this photo was featured on The Photograph Daily. Yay! ^^