Saturday, June 18, 2011

make - up by janz x onefrozenmargarita

for our company's white christmas party

 make -up by janz for dollface cosmetics (photo: alexa tan )

i do not know anything about make-up. as a matter of fact, i have different girls who do my make-up at work simply because i'd much rather sleep or hmmm sleep. yes, i sleep at work. and yes, one of my bosses read this blog. i kid you not. now, there was this girl at work who i heard was so good with make-up that i wanted to befriend her and she has a mean, mean shoe collection. she's a friend of a friend but we were never really properly introduced or maybe i was just too busy sleeping. at. work. fastforward to december 2010, i found myself not knowing what to put on my face. now, i can find something to wear in any given occasion in mere 30 seconds BUT it's a totally different story when it comes to having my face done. 
you see, i've had one make-up artist gave up on me just because he could not understand my face. and it's just not nice being told all your flaws when all you wanted was to look beautiful. so, weddings, parties, graduations or what-nots, i've never bothered much.
but then i met janah. and she had only done my make-up twice and how i wish i had made friends with her when we were still working in the same company. it would have been nice to wake up from my naps looking presentable enough. it's 4 in the morning and im supposed to produce a module on how to get an american accent the easy way but here i am blogging so like her FB page here. and boss, it's 4 in the morning, you're not gonna take this against me, right?