Thursday, June 9, 2011

sheer + sequence

and camel toes. haha my boss would prolly have a heart attack if he ever sees me wear these pants. i have been dying DYING to wear these at work simply because i like wearing things deemed nightwear in broad daylight. how can you possibly appreciate all its shimmering glory at night. duh. he'll be back any minute today so im back to my drab, un-shiny stuff. hmmp. and just in case youre wondering why i was hanging out with the boxes, its because i have learned to avoid some of the girls in my building who make it their lives goal to say the meanest things to me in the lift for wearing things they won't wear in this lifetime. i hope they'd reincarnate as SM department store mannequins. 

sheer top - thrifted, pants - tally weijl, blazer - jessica, shoes - aldo