Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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philip of bimbimhaus

bydetails and gizellefaye i alt 3 you both

kristine of instylecebu, yves and gizelle

andrewpsycho, fasiontoygun

what tales these shoes can tell...

gizellefaye,  torturedartist15, chicinthetropics, perfumedredshoes dot blogspot


mbcajipe and iamliezyl - fastly becoming my new favorite girls

finally.  fashionable and uber-talented kindred souls. i am still in awe at how amazing the people i have met through blogging. and these are just the few. some i felt like i have known for too long from reading their blogs, some i have met once or twice but didn't really got the chance to know them beyond the perfunctory beso-beso. and i was sooo glad when eden of chic in the tropics thought of this wonderful idea of finally FINALLY meeting and just talk and drink and catch up with each other's lives both in the real world and the blogosphere. i am not very good at this kind of things and i was even a little shy especially when my partner-in-crime alexa decided to be a no-show haha. and it's nice that everyone is doing what they've always wanted to do or is starting to figure things out. it was nice meeting all of you and there will be a next time. :)
and this was supposed to be our send-off  party for our friend toni haha more bingeing when you get back from sunny california, tons. and no i am not checking your blog while youre there. lest i will die of jealousy. haha

photos: eden v and philip l

top - ralph lauren petite, shorts - DIY boy london, bag - my sister's