Sunday, June 26, 2011

love a sister!

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getting anxious...

the scary calzone.

alexa - my conscience.

i was looking for BREATHE or RELAKS!

the bead shop.

little women

so, lex and i decided to finally see each other after two failed attempts.. i will always be thankful that i have met her. she's my first ever blogger friend, and now she has upgraded to being my daughter. and it is her dearest goal in life to get me a boyf so she'd have someone to call dad, i guess. AND she always blames me if things don't turn out between me and the potential 'dad'. her line? "how couldddd you? hahahhaa crazy girl.
and in revenge, she made me eat calzone. for the record, i have never liked pizza, pasta and the like. and i do not know why. the calzone was fine. it was just not great. haha sorry, lex.
my sister decided to join us and we watched a french film for 30 mins or so and just decided to go around the mall. MANGO was on SALE but im saving up for something else so, no, too. stopped by WAGW and lex was crushing on this beige bodycon that's so reminiscent of herve leger. it was too long for me. i guess it was meant for those blessed with gams that go on for miles. ^^
and the last stop was THE BEAD SHOP - my pandora's box. i died with all the new designs. i have one in hot pink that says LOVE. but alexa and i are getting this blue one that says RUGRAT. so yey!
simple pleasures, really. and that's how it is with people you genuinely like and respect. in this world full of lies, one should not give up on people. 

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