Saturday, June 4, 2011

of friends and colors...

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my friend, ree aka c-pussyredcar is one luck guy. he is in an aquarium with 300 plus girls everyfrigginday.
but of course, having me as a friend would have sufficed. kidding aside,  me and less than 10 other girls are luckier to have him around. ok not really him HIM but his camera and other toys. and unfortunate as are his unwilling victims when boredom strikes. yes, he gets bored in a work place with 300 plus girls. 
and because of this, he has FINALLY FINALLY decided to set up a page to showcase his work. his pretty shy, he says, but i know with a little prodding he might just show you how good he can be behind the lens. 

so, please please LIKE his page here.

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