Saturday, June 25, 2011


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no, no. NOT my hair. but these cute boots. i've had them for the longest time and have saved them for the rainy days. blah. aint they love? but my friend thinks these are something a maarte pocahontas would wear. only if she even wore shoes chasing wolves and white guys. 
i love everything about the rain except it makes my hair looks sooo lifeless. i was thisclose to chopping them all off and do an agyness deyn godblesshersoulforstealingMYjamesfranco. oh, well.
i'm off to the mall in a bit to meet alexa and to get lost.
i haven't been out of my office building and uni for ages.
this is gonna be fun. 
i hope you all are having a blast, lovelies!

photos: ree int

shirt - disney, hat -f21, jeggings -bench