Sunday, June 12, 2011

my favorite things.

my favorite colors - grey, black and leopard print. yes, leopard print IS a color. i got these shoes a couple years back and have totally forgotten about them until very recently. these pants is fast becoming my favorite and has totally replaced my leather pants in my heart of hearts. i love how its not constricting and that i can dress it up (or down) depending on my mood. the top im wearing is from Topman - the only thing i got in senayan, jakarta. funny how i always end up stocking my basics from Topman than from topshop. i wear this top allllll the time, as well. i know i shouldnt be playing favorites but i just cant help it sometimes.
so, what are your wardrobe staples, lovelies?
do share. ^^

photos: ree int

top - topman, pants - maldita, shoes - janylin