Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the only thing i'm missing is a black guitar..

playing hide-and-seek with the sun.

all the items here are my go-to thingies when im in a hurry or in a rut.
my go-to shirt which has gone through a lot of alterations depending on what mood im in.
my go-to shoes when im feeling unpretty.
my go-to jacket which never fails to make me feel like a rockstar
and my go-to jeggings which i always grab everytime i only have 5 minutes to get dressed.

wearing all of these at one time makes you wonder what mood i was in that day and the kind of shit i had to deal with. let's just say, i found myself contemplating on stabbing someone with my 5-inch heels. but i love my shoes too much. a little mud on them drives me nuts. i dont even want to think what a little blood can do to my sanity.

shirt - harley davidson, jeggings - bench, jacket and purse - secondhand