Thursday, May 31, 2012


just like any other cat, i like everything that sparkles shimmers and shines! so it is no surprise that the only video game i know is Bejeweled. and im not even sure if that even qualifies as a video game! so, no, i do not have any idea how super mario's princess looks like and it was my 3 year old nephew who taught me how to play Angry Birds. buuuut i digress. again.

found this top in all it's bejeweled glory (a couple sizes too big and again, no buttons) in our carbon expedition when aisa was here a couple of months ago. it took me a long time to figure out how to wear this. and decided to just be lazy again and tie it! it was scorching hot when we attended Zalora's Cebu Press launch at Be Resort. (more on that laterrrr) and yes, that girl in  a bikini was agaw eksena. #bitterocampo

thank you, jem for these photos :)