Saturday, March 29, 2014


random viet: Malay? me: nope. Filipino. viet: ahhh Filipino! can sing, can dance? me: hell YES! haha

serious business here. these gentlemen didn't even bat an eyelash when i started getting trigger happy. hint: fur and fedora.


Typical measurements for Hanoi houses/ buildings are 3 meters wide by 20-60 meters long. 

our lil barista.
Vietnam is the world's second-largest coffee producer and coffeeshops littered the Old Quarter. 

choose your beans then ask the ladies to grind them before your eyes. but that's after they serve you viet ca phe goodness. they serve them hot, iced (ca phe da) or with sweetened condensed milk stirred and poured over ice (ca phe sua da)
KL the millioooonaire! 100000 Vietnamese Dong = 212.20 Philippine Peso dont ask why. just do.

FOOD! go where the locals go for the best cheap eats...
and be ready to squat low on plastic seats... by the roadside.
yum. worth all the carbs (two loaves of french bread) we had with this.

man vs machine. crossing the streets of hanoi is an art. definitely not for the faint of heart. screaming expletives at random motorists calmed  my  nerves. these girls though sashayed like they own the street. #slowclap