Friday, March 28, 2014




it was impossible not to feel giddy in spite of the rain. The cold was bearable and the faux fur collar was totally unnecessary but it matched my hair and it saved me from wearing an otherwise drab outfit. And yes, them jewels. Fresh from a six-day Thai trip full of bingeing and beaching, Hanoi was a pleasant surprise. We stayed at the Old Quarter with this famous lake in mind. My friend KL who had been there before enthralled me of tales from her first trip; the lake was the star of her stories, of course. Geared with everything cold-weather worthy from my closet, we braved the muddy streets and peddlers on our last day and Hoan Kiem Lake ("Lake of the Returned Sword") did not disapooint. It being a tourist trap did not stop us from taking photos and videos. My only regret was not being able to go there early in the morning. And not owning pretty ankle boots when all these gorgeous Viet girls were not without them. FML.

maxi dress - uniqlo, grey sweater - Hanes for Her, tote bag - MNG, faux fur collar - ZARA, shoes from BKK, H&M earrings