Friday, January 6, 2012




janah and i

noe and lex

janah and pearl

One of the resolutions i made this year is for me to learn how to put on make-up without any help from friends who dutifully groom my eyebrows and put false eyelashes if need be. it's not that i hate make-up, i do have a shameless amount of loot lurking somewhere, i just do not have the patience to spend time in front of the mirror. i wish i were the type of girl who could not get out of the house not made up - i do go to work without a hint of make-up and unkempt hair much to the chagrin of my father. but i digress..

A couple of months back, I got a chance to work with Janah, Noe and Pearl. Alexa, Issa and I styled ourselves for Dollface's Back to School Collaboration. These girls are amazing! We were just talking all the time and voila! Janah did a pretty good considering I only had a few hours of sleep. She will always be my favorite make-up artist and i will sorely miss her as she is leaving for the States in a couple of days. Janz, if you're reading this - ILL SEE YOU ON THE FLIP SIDE! <3

So, to start the year right! join me and some of the bloggers this Sunday at DOLLED UP MAKE-UP studio and supply and learn the basics of skin care, make-up101, which brush to use for what AND no-youre-not-much-of-a-faghag if you don't know how to put false eyelashes on. while driving. See all of you, Cebuanas and do check out these girls sites! bisous xx




Dollface Cosmetics:


photos: grabbed from Noe's site and Alexa-Clare Tan