Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the lovers, the dreamers and me...


at ease, mga koyah.. at ease..

since it's 2012, i will try to:

1. button my shirt all the way up
2. wear pants more often
3. comb my hair or tie it in a bun
4. wear more colors and forget my "crying lady" days when all i wore was black, black and more black.
5. wear sneakers. white sneakers. 
6. do numbers 1 - 5 in one go. Godblessmysoul.
let's see how far into the year i can go without pulling my hair in frustration.

and i have "instructed" my not-so-litol litol cousin to start blogging on blogger because tumblr confuses me. so give her some lovin' here. ^^

four more days and it's SINULOG 2012! can you hear the beat of the drums yet, Cebu? ^^

sheer top - from my sister, pants - terranova, sneakers - keds, blazer - mastina, clutch - from rachelle ^^

photos by the great little lulu