Thursday, January 5, 2012

mother superior jump the gun...

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why is it sooo much easier to write when you're all down and soppy but sooo hard to do the same thing when everything is just, well, right. as a child, i was almost always with people way way older than me i never learned how to play any games. i was always thinking. maybe figuring out what they were really trying to say and also learning three Philippine languages on the side. i was encouraged to speak my mind which eventually almost always get me in trouble up to this day. i was a queer child. and an even queerer adult as my friend pointed out to me today. hanging out alone at dirty fire exits is her definition of being queer. in my defense, i have the best view of the casino and i make up stories in my mind how many millions are wasted away each day by gamblers. Sometimes, i count the cars that pass by in a minute. :()

and on a lighter note, i have been looking for other ways to inject this leather vest into my daily wardrobe. Company Dress Code be damned. Any suggestions, dear readers? And in case youre wondering, YES, this thing weighs a loooooot! i swear i lose 5 pounds everytime i wear this. which is everyday since i got it last week when aisa was here. more on that later though. 

So queer or not, which is really the least of my problems, here's wishing you all get whatever your hearts desire for 2012