Tuesday, April 24, 2012

mint and lemon...

TEST shots - annnnd the camera died on us after i tamed my unruly hair.
these are probably the most bubblegummy stuff in my closet and GodBlessTheScorchingSun for bringing out the  kikayness in me. bleeech. but i do like how it all turned out. i will ALWAYS always associate mint and lemon with everything alcoholic and intoxicating. maybe it's my subconscious telling me it had been a whileee... so, Tay if youre reading this, you know what to do this weekend :)

oh. the search for the perfect fitting jeans may have come to an end! if youre built like me, head over to ZARA / ZARA trf and grab everything you can! and if youre short (like me) and feel like youre being cheated when you cut those extra inches off your pants, just cuff and roll them and youre good to go! more ways here. :)

ZARA TRF mint pants, Topshop scallop top, MANGO bracelets, HOH inspired necklace loaned from eden, second-hand blazer