Monday, April 23, 2012

Moon Prism Power! Make Up!

wearing my sister's gorgeous aztec-print skirt, A's fedora hat, F21 earrings, TOPSHOP top, H&M sunnies

them BFFs - P and A. 

hey, neighbors! 
lilo-an lighthouse.
kalachuchi <3
low tide! 
I am lost, I am vain. I will never be the same without youwithout you.
100 pieces for 11 people. geeeez.

grill those 2 senoritos, too!

BAYO top, TOPSHOP shorts
go home, kids!

the kids are alright.

twas the BFF's birthday a couple of days ago and what better way to beat the heat and to catch up than to head over to the clubhouse for some BBQ and R&R. the pool was disappointing. it was practically overflowing with screaming kids when we get there and the water was tooooo warm for our taste. ahhh, summer! AND we couldnt use the kitchen. some kid was having a party and rented out the whole kitchen for the day. geeez. 
to A, who knows all the words in Sailormoon and Barbie Mariposa, always know that i love you. and please start watching DEXTER already so we can finally have a decent although gory conversation.